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1 Day Termite Treatments | TAPS Termite

Stay at Home Termite Treatments

Until recently about the only way to effectively treat a house or business for termite eradication was to fumigate and tent. Today there are alternative treatments. Things like microwave, heat and other spot green treatments.


Structural Fumigation Tent Treatment

There are many methods of killing termites and one of the most powerful and proven techniques is fumigation. Fumigation is the only method of complete drywood termite eradication from homes or buildings and this is accomplished with the use of a gas named Vikane.

Spot Termite Treatments | TAPS Termite San Jose

Spot & Local Termite Treatments

Spot treatments can involve drilling small holes into the wood and then injecting it with a termiticide to kill the termites. We can also use soil treatment methods such as termidor® to attract and eliminate subterranean termites. We have one of the best warranty's in the industry. contact us today to find out more on spot and local treatments before you do a full fumigation.

TAPS Termite Damage Repair

Termite Damage Repairs

At TAPS we know how devastating it can be to find out that you have costly termite damage. We do our best to provide you with expert repairs that will eliminate the problems caused by a termite infestation. It is also very important to do everything you can to prevent any future termite infestation. If you would like to get a fast estimate, just attach your termite damage report and we will get you a competitive quote. Click below for more information.


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Welcome to TAPS Termite

Since 1969, TAPS Termite has been the South Bay's most trusted termite control service providing affordable, high-quality termite control solutions for tens of thousands of South Bay residents. We are experts at determining the best type of termite treatment depending upon the extent of your termite infestation. You might not need to tent! We offer GREEN eco-friendly treatments, Spot local treatments, Stay at home microwave treatments and yes we offer full tent structural fumigation and termite repairs.


Although these pests vary significantly in the number of species they belong to, there are only about three types that homeowners, repairmen, carpenters and house inspectors encounter. These are the Formosan, the subterranean or ground termite and the drywood termite. Of these, the two often found to inflict plenty of damage are the subterranean and drywood types.

If you have enough evidence to believe that your home might be under termite attack, the best thing to do is to consult a pest control professional to take a look at your house. They would know best how to kill termites. Trying to treat the infestation on your own may just make the problem worse. And take note that the best time to kill termites is always right away. 

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