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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 05, 2019

If your business gets damaged by termites it can be very expensive. Termites have the ability to cause significant damage to a building by eating away at the structural wood. Over time, damage to the structural wood can lead to secondary damage throughout the building. The cost to repair that damage can quickly add up. In addition, you may experience a loss in revenue if have to close your business during the repairs. It is much more cost effective and less disruptive to proactively protect your business from termite damage. You can do this by scheduling a professional termite inspection, investing in termite prevention, and removing any elements that may attract termites to your building.

Schedule a professional termite inspection

A professional termite inspection is the best way to determine if your property currently has termites or had them in the past. The inspector will look for signs of termite activity as well as indications that the building was previously treated for termites. The inspection will also allow the termite pro to asses your risk for developing an infestation. Risk factors includes elements such as the presence of swarmers, water issues around the building, and improper storage of wood that could be infested with termites. After the inspection you will receive a report outline the findings and recommendations for treatment and/or future prevention.

Invest in termite prevention

Once you get a termite infestation and confirm that your building is termite free the next step is to keep it that way. Even if you get a clear inspection, your property is still at risk for infestations in the future. Termite colonies send out winged termites called ‘swarmers’ that search for a place to establish a new colony. Each year, usually during the spring, swarmers set out to find an environment where they can start and grow a new colony. As long as you are in an area that has termites (every state in the US except Alaska) you need to invest in termite prevention. The best option for termite prevention at your business is dependent on a number of factors. After your initial termite inspection, talk to the inspector about his recommendations for preventative treatment options.

Remove elements that may attract termites

You can never completely eliminate your risk for developing a termite infestation but you can minimize it by removing elements that may attract them. Subterranean termites need to be in close contact with moist soil in order to survive. Many properties that develop termite infestations also have water problems. These two issues go hand-in-hand. If there are any water leaks or drainage issues around your business deal with them quickly in order to prevent them from attracting termites.   

Protect your business from the threat of termites by proactively applying the three steps outlined above. Eradicating termites and repairing the damage that they cause can be very expensive. Prevention is much cheaper and requires a minimal investment of your time.

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