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Written by Fernando Munoz
on December 01, 2020

When you think about threats to your business the first thing that come to mind are competitors, problems with the economy, poor reviews online, etc. A termite infestation probably isn’t anywhere near the top of your list. While a termite infestation is unlikely to put you out of business, it can still have a serious impact on your bottom line. You should take the threat of termites at your business seriously because they can easily go undetected, cause expensive damage, temporarily shut your business down, and lead to the need for disruptive repairs.

Termites often go undetected

One of the most dangerous things about termites is the fact that they often go undetected until the infestation is widespread. Termites spend the majority of their time in areas of your business that you will never see. Under the building and inside the walls are common spots for termites. When termite damage gets to the point where you see evidence of their activity in other areas of the property it is likely that they have been causing damage for a while. Detecting termite damage early is an important part of preventing damage. A termite professional is your best option if you want to catch termite activity in your business as early as possible.

Termites can cause expensive damage

Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can infest your business. They can cause expensive damage to your property. In order to protect your building and your bank account it is important to prevent as much termite damage as possible. The way to do this is to be proactive – take steps to prevent termites and get treatment quickly when an infestation is discovered.

Treatment can temporarily shut your business down

A serious termite infestation has the potential to temporarily close down your business. When a termite infestation reaches extreme levels, it can take an extreme treatment option to eradicate them. Structural fumigation is a termite treatment option reserved for the most extreme termite infestations. Structural fumigation can permeate every area of your building including the walls. It is an extremely effective option for ridding your business of termites. The major downside of structural fumigation is that it requires you (and all of your customers) to be out of the building for several days. Taking the threat of termites seriously and getting early intervention can help you avoid shutting your business down for fumigation.

Repairs can be disruptive

Repairing the damage that termites cause to your business can be disruptive. Termites often cause damage to the foundational wood of properties. Getting the foundation of your building repaired can be time-consuming and involve multiple areas of your property. The work can be distracting to everyone working in the building and be an annoyance to your customers. The best way to avoid disruptive repairs is to avoid the damage in the first place.

Termites may seem like a minor threat compared to all of the things you face as you run a business. However, a termite infestation can be a serious threat to the well-being of your business. The pros at TAPS Termite can help you make sure your business is protected from any and all threats that termites pose. Schedule a free inspection today to get the process started.

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