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Written by Tim Denner
on May 19, 2020

Termites are a well-known enemy of all things wood. Horror stories abound of older homes with wood siding getting eaten up by termites over time. If you own a brick home you may feel like your property is better protected from the threat of termites. Is that assumption true? Are brick homes at risk for developing a termite infestation? To gauge whether or not your property is at risk for developing a termite infestation, you need to understand what they are looking for and if your home has those elements. 

What are termites looking for?

As mentioned above, termites feed off of wood. They are looking for any property that has some type of wood available. Termites often feed on the structural wood of homes that is found under the foundation. They can also make their way up to other parts of the home over time. In addition to wood, Subterranean termites are also looking for moisture-rich soil. This type of termite needs to remain close to moisture-rich soil in order to survive. If your home has these two elements then it has everything termites are looking for.

Do all houses have wood?

The vast majority of homes use some type of wood in the construction process. Many homes are framed with wood and have it as trim throughout the home. It is possible to have your home framed with steel but unlikely that you will completely avoid using wood throughout the entire building-process. It is fairly easy to look around your home to determine if there is wood present.

Keep termites away no matter what type of home you have

Termites are a threat to all types of homes and buildings that contain any amount of wood. You may feel like a brick home is sturdier and better protected against termites than a house with wooden shingles but the reality is that both types of homes are at risk for termites. Termite swarmers are experts at finding the wood and moisture-rich soil at properties that will make it possible for them to establish a new colony. You need to be vigilant with your efforts to protect against a termite infestation no matter what type of house you own.

Termites are not picky about the types of properties they target. As long as they have the basic elements they need to survive, termites can thrive in your home. These facts make professional termite treatment an essential part of protecting your home from damage. The first step for protection is to get a professional termite inspection. Once you have the results of the inspection you can decide what type of action to take to keep your home safe from the threat of termites.

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