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Written by Tim Denner
on May 14, 2019


Termites are a type of pest found throughout the United States. The only state where they do not infest properties is Alaska. This means that our town-San Jose, CA-is one of the many places where termites reside. These pests cause big problems for homeowners in San Jose, CA every year. It is important to understand that your home is at risk for developing a termite infestation. This knowledge can help you be proactive in your efforts of keeping your home from being damaged by these pests and running into big problems.

Elements that put your home at risk for termites

There are a number of factors that can put homes in San Jose, CA at risk for termites. Termites are drawn to moisture rich environments. If your home has issues with moisture, plumbing leaks, or mold it is at an increased risk for a termite infestation. When termites swarm in search of a new location to establish a colony they are looking for places that have a lot of moisture. Simply living in an area where termites reside also puts your home at risk for an infestation. Termites cause big problems for homes in San Jose, CA which means you have to be aware of that risk in order to mitigate it.

Ways to protect your home from termites

The presence of termites in San Jose leaves every home in the area at some risk for developing an infestation. But, there are steps that you can take as a homeowner to protect your home from termites. Maintaining your home properly will help protect it from these pests. Deal with any moisture or leaking problems in order to make your home less attractive to swarming termites. Getting a professional termite inspection will provide you with information on the condition of your home so you can take the appropriate steps toward protecting it. If you have an active infestation the inspection report will include that information along with treatment options. Having your home professionally treated for termites and scheduling periodic termite protection will work together to protect your home now and in the future.

Big problems caused by termites

Termites cause big problems for homes in San Jose, CA in the form of expensive damage. These pests can eat away at the wood of your house and lead to major structural issues. Structural problems are almost always expensive to repair and can lead to damage in other areas of your home. The national cost of repairing termite damage is astronomical and, unfortunately, the residents of San Jose, CA often share in some of the costs.

Termites are little pests that can cause big problems for homeowners in San Jose. Termites will always be a treat to homes in the area that are not actively protected from infestation. If you want to make sure your home is protected from termites you need to work with a top notch termite professional to ensure that it is currently termite-free and remains that way going forward.

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