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Fernando Munoz

16 Jul 2019

What Prep Do I Need to Do Before My House is Treated for Termites?

If you’ve never had your home treated for termites the thought of it m...

09 Jul 2019

How Long Do I Need to Stay Out of My House After Structural Fumigation?

Structural fumigation-also known as tent treatment-is a process where ...

02 Jul 2019

Telltale Signs of Termites that all Real Estate Agents Need to Recognize

As a real estate agent, a big part of your job is to help the buyer’s ...

25 Jun 2019

Ways Termites Can Put the Success of Your Business in Jeopardy

There are a number of pests that can put the success of your business ...

13 Jun 2019

Top 3 Reasons Homeowners Should Invest in Professional Termite Control

In order to keep your home in top condition you need to protect it fro...

06 Jun 2019

Protect the Properties You Manage from Termites with These Three Tips

 Termites are a threat to properties throughout California. You cannot...

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