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Fernando Munoz

07 Sep 2021

Long-Term Consequences of Skipping Out on Termite Prevention

There are some home maintenance tasks that you can get away with skipp...

31 Aug 2021

Is it Possible to Successfully Eradicate Termites from Your San Jose Home?

No homeowner wants to hear the phrase ‘you have termites’. Termites ar...

25 Aug 2021

TAPS Termite Featured on Redfin

Here at TAPS Termite, we are committed to providing our customers with...

24 Aug 2021

Best Termite Prevention Tips for Homeowners

There is no safe or ‘okay’ level of termites at your house. A small te...

10 Aug 2021

Should You Consider Termite Baiting Stations for Your Santa Clara Business?

Termites are a constant threat to businesses in Santa Clara. These pes...

03 Aug 2021

Focus on Termite Prevention to Avoid Dealing with Termite Damage

No one wants to deal with the consequences of termite damage. Termites...

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