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Written by Fernando Munoz
on August 24, 2021

There is no safe or ‘okay’ level of termites at your house. A small termite infestation will eventually grow to a larger infestation that can cause significant damage to your home. The best and only way to prevent termite damage to your property is to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. Termites will continuously look for places with wood to infest. It is very likely that your house has wood in the construction so you must be proactive in your efforts to prevent termites. Following a few termite prevention tips will help you keep your home protected from these dangerous pests.

Have your home professionally inspected for termites

A professional termite inspection is an important first step if you are looking for ways to protect your home from an infestation. A professional inspection will provide you with information about the current condition of your home. An inspection will let you know if you have an active infestation or signs of a previous infestation. The inspector will also be able to tell if there is termite damage that has been repaired. The information that the inspector gains from this process will provide important information about how to proceed and best protect your home from termites.

Store firewood away from the house

An easy but important termite prevention tip is to store firewood away from the house. It is convenient to have your firewood stored right next to your house. What could be easier than stepping outside your door and grabbing a piece of wood for the fire? Unfortunately, that convenience can come at a high cost. Firewood can be infested with termites without you realizing that they are there. Those termites can easily make their way to the wood of your house if it is stored too close. You can help prevent this by storing the firewood away from your house and off of the ground. Fortunately, you can find firewood racks that are designed to safely store firewood.

Have baiting stations installed

You can get professional help with termite prevention by having a termite baiting system installed. Termite bait stations do not draw termites to your property but they do monitor the level of termite activity around your property. As termites move toward your home and pass through the baiting stations, they eat on the woodblocks in the stations. A termite professional will regularly check on the condition of the woodblocks to determine if you need to take any other type of intervention.

It is possible to protect your home from termites if you are willing to be proactive. The best way to protect your home, by far, is to get some help from a termite professional. The pros at TAPS Termite can inspect your home, install a baiting system, and monitor the baiting stations for termite activity. If you follow the tips outlined above, you will be well on your way toward preventing a termite infestation at your home.

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