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Written by Fernando Munoz
on August 15, 2019

Termites are well known for their ability to cause serious and expensive damage to homes and other properties. A large termite infestation can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars in home repairs. But, what about a small termite issue? Can it still cause expensive damage? Is there ever a situation where you can ignore a termite infestation and avoid expensive repairs? Unfortunately, any size of termite issue can cause expensive damage. Termites often focus their efforts on the foundational wood of the properties they infest leading to widespread damage. In addition, an infestation that is currently small will continue to grow and eventually become a large termite infestation. Ultimately, the only way to keep a small termite issue from causing costly damage is to eradicate it completely and as quickly as possible.

Termite damage is often foundational

One of the reasons a small termite infestation can cause expensive damage is that termite activity often begins on foundational wood. Subterranean termites generally stay close to moisture rich soil. This means that they are often found infesting wood close to the ground. At your house, the wood elements most likely to be close to moisture rich soil are the piers and beams that make up the foundation of your house. As a homeowner, you are likely well aware of the seriousness of foundation problems. A damaged foundation can be costly to repair and can lead to problems in many other areas of your house. A termite infestation does not have to be large to cause big and expensive problems for your foundation.

A small termite infestation will continue to grow

All termite infestations start out small. Swarmers leave one colony and head out to find a place to establish a new colony. The worst subterranean termite infestations all started out with a few swarmers and then grew over time. If you have a small termite issue now it will continue to grow until you take steps toward eradication. Termites can eat around-the-clock which is why even small infestations can quickly lead to expensive damage. As your infestation grows the resulting damage and repair costs will multiply exponentially.

Complete eradication is the only true protection from further damage

If you have a termite infestation, the only way to stop the expensive damage they cause is through complete eradication. If even a small number of termites remain behind after treatment the infestation will quickly build back up. Many people who attempt DIY termite treatment find it difficult to completely eradicate an infestation. The quickest and most effective way to get rid of these destructive pests is to bring in a termite control professional. 

There is no level of termite infestation that is safe to keep around. A termite infestation will ultimately lead to expensive repairs. You will spend much less time and money dealing with these problematic pests if you invest in termite treatment as soon as you suspect or discover an infestation.

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