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Written by Fernando Munoz
on July 09, 2020

Termite activity in your home can cause damage that requires costly repairs. There are a number of steps you can take to protect your home from the threat of termites. What if you have not been proactive about protecting against termites? Where do you start? You can start by checking a few areas of your home to catch signs of termite activity. If you notice damage then you should bring in a professional right away. Even if you do not spot any obvious damage it is still a good idea to get a professional inspection to ensure that your home is thoroughly checked for termite activity.


The crawlspace is the area of your house between the ground and the floor. If your home is built using pier and beam or has some sort of basement then you have a crawlspace. This is an ideal area for termite activity because it is close to moisture-rich soil and provides easy access to structural wood. Look for signs of damage in the wood – it may look wavy or hollowed out. You can also keep an eye out for signs of mud tubes that termites create to safely move back and forth between the colony and food supply.


The windowsills in homes are often built using wood. Older home may even have window frames made with wood. Both of these areas are at risk for damage from termite activity. Take a close look in these areas for any irregularities in the wood or nearby mud tubes.


Your doorframe and threshold are other areas that may be constructed with wood. The threshold is a relatively easy area for termites to get to and damage. You can look at the wood itself for signs of damage. Another sign of a problem is when your door does not shut or seal properly. If the wood is damaged it can lead to an ill-fitting door.

Foundation wall

If you go outside and look at the area where the ground and your home meet you will see the foundational wall. It is often built using cement and is a common place to find termite mud tubes. These mud tubes are brown or tan in color and can often be seen snaking up and along foundational walls. If you discover mud tubes it is a sign that there is current or previous termite activity at your property.

If you catch signs of termite activity in any of the areas outlined above – bring in professional help right away. Termites are difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional. A pro will have the training, tools, and experience needed to get termites out of your home. You can set up a free termite inspection by getting in touch with TAPS Termite today.

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