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Written by Fernando Munoz
on November 30, 2021

Santa Clara County and surrounding areas are at high risk for termite damage. These pests thrive in this area and can cause serious problems for your commercial building. The scale of damage that termites can cause for a big commercial property is significant. Termites can quite literally eat up the profit that you make with your business by causing expensive and widespread damage. You need to take proactive steps to deal with termites at your business quickly and effectively. A commercial termite company can provide you with a narrative wood destroying organism report, effective and comprehensive treatment options, and help with structure repairs for damage caused by termites.

Narrative wood destroying organism (WDO) report

A narrative wood destroying organism (WDO) report is something that a commercial termite control company can provide you with for your business. This type of report will provide you with important information about the condition of your commercial property. The report will also let you know if you have an active infestation, what type of damage is present, and include recommendations for treatment. If you do not have an active infestation, the report will provide information about any areas of concern around your property. Getting an inspection and WDO report are essential first steps in finding the right commercial termite treatment for your business in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas.

Effective and comprehensive treatment options

Choosing to work with a commercial termite treatment company is a way to ensure that your business received effective and comprehensive treatment. There are a number of options available for termite treatment. The best one for your business will be determined by the type of infestation, the size of the infestation, and the location of the infestation. If you choose a commercial termite treatment company that serves Santa Clara County and surrounding areas, you can get expert advice on which course of treatment will work best for your situation.

Structural repairs for damage caused by termites

Some of the companies that offer commercial termite control in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas also offer structural repair services. The type of damage that termites cause to commercial properties can be widespread and lead to secondary damage. If the WDO report reveals that there is termite damage to your business, it is important to get professional help with those repairs to protect the integrity of your property.

You can get commercial termite treatment in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas from the pros at TAPS Termite. At TAPS Termite, we provide commercial termite treatment to a wide range of businesses. If you need help protecting an office building, restaurant, government building, or medical building, reach out to TAPS Termite to schedule an inspection.

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