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Written by Tim Denner
on October 06, 2020

Termites are a common issue for homeowners. Part of the reason termites are often an issue is because there are a number of common factors that lead to termite infestations. Some of these factors you can impact while others are completely outside of your control. In order to prevent termites from causing problems at your home you need to be proactive about the elements you can control and get help with the ones that you cannot. Common factors that lead to termite issues include living in an area where termites are a problem, having wood somewhere in the construction of your home, water problems around your house, and getting behind on yard maintenance.

Living in an area where termites are a problem

Living in an area where termites are a problem is a common factor that can lead to termite issues. If termites are able to thrive in the area where you live then your home is at risk for an infestation. Here’s the bad news – termites are a problem in every state of the U.S. except for Alaska. This means that you are likely at risk. The good news is that you can take steps to minimize your risk of an infestation.

Having wood somewhere in the construction of your home

If there is any part of your home that was built using wood then you are at risk for a termite infestation. Even wood on the interior of your home can attract termites. Wood is a very common building material and it is highly likely that you have wood somewhere in your home. This is a factor that you cannot change but it does not have to mean that you are destined to get a termite infestation.

Water problems around your house

Subterranean termites need moisture-rich soil in order to survive. Water problems around your house can create an environment that draws termites in. Common water problems that can lead to ideal conditions for termites include: leaking pipes under your house, improperly functioning downspouts, and grade that does not flow away from your property correctly. You can fix water problems around your house and minimize your risk of getting a termite infestation.

Getting behind on yard maintenance

Getting behind on yard maintenance is another common factor that can lead to termites. Termites are attracted to dead wood which can include fallen branches, tree stumps, mulch, and dead trees. If you get behind on your yard maintenance you can end up with dead wood near your home. For example, leaving dead limbs out in the yard can attract termites. Or, allowing old mulch to remain in your flowerbeds and up against your house can draw termites in. Staying consistent with your yard maintenance is an important part of protecting your home from termites.

Most people have some factors that make a termite infestation more likely. In order to protect your home against termites you need to control the factors that are under your control. Deal with water issues quickly and stay on top of your yard maintenance. For the factors you cannot control, bring in some professional help. For example, a termite baiting system can draw termites away from your home and help kill off a current infestation. Chemical termite treatment is also an option for killing off an active infestation. Being proactive against termites is the best way to protect your home from damage.

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