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Written by Tim Denner
on July 14, 2020

There are certain conditions that make it more likely for termites to thrive in your home. One way to protect against termites is to learn what allows them to thrive and take steps to protect against those things. Unfortunately, termites have the ability to thrive in a variety of environments. The elements that make it more likely for termites to thrive in your home include a wet environment, lack of regular maintenance, the presence of termites in nearby structures, and no professional intervention.

Wet environment

Subterranean termites thrive in a moisture-rich environment. When subterranean termites have access to moisture-rich soil they can thrive. This means that you can look at the moisture levels around your home to determine if you have conditions that are favorable for termites. Moisture can get into the soil around your house from rain or from elements around your home related to maintenance.

Lack of regular maintenance

A lack of regular maintenance around your home can make it more likely for termites to thrive. For example, there are a number of maintenance issues that can lead to excess moisture in your soil. A poorly functioning air conditioning unit can leak water into the soil. Pipes under your house can leak and cause excess moisture in the soil. The condition of your gutters, downspouts, and grade in your yard can also impact the moisture level. If you get behind on the maintenance of your home the moisture levels can rise and make it more attractive to termites. Skipping out on home maintenance also prevents you from having the opportunity to notice signs of termite activity. During normal maintenance duties you could notice damaged wood or the presence of mud tubes. Neglecting the maintenance of your home is one of the biggest risk factors for developing a termite infestation.

Presence of termites in nearby structures

If there are termites in other structures near you home it means that conditions in your area are favorable toward termites. The fact that termites are thriving nearby means that termites can likely thrive in your home as well. In addition, a nearby termite infestation can produce swarmers that come out in the spring to search for new places to infest.

No professional intervention

A lack of professional intervention can lead to conditions in your home that allow termites to thrive. It is easy to miss elements around your property that make it attractive to termites since you are not professionally trained to identify potential problem areas. The simple process of getting a free, professional termite inspection can help you identify and know how to address factors around your home that help termites thrive.

With the help of a termite pro you can eliminate some of the elements around your home that help termite thrive. However, you can never completely eliminate the threat of termites as long as they are a problem in your area and you have wood in your house. The best combination for prevention is to keep up with the maintenance around your home and get preventative termite treatment.

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