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Written by Fernando Munoz
on April 14, 2020

Talking about making a critical mistake in regards to pest control may seem a little dramatic until you take into account the level of damage that termites can cause. The cumulative cost to repair the damage termites cause each year is in the billions. That is a lot of money to repair damage done by some tiny pests. Each homeowner needs to take the threat of termites seriously in order to avoid costly repairs. If you suspect a termite infestation three critical mistakes you can make include waiting to take action, trying to identify termite activity on your own, and attempting to eradicate an infestation without professional help.

Waiting to take action

Waiting to take action if you suspect a termite infestation is a critical mistake. Termites do not take a break from causing damage to your home. They can chew away at the structural wood of your house around the clock. If your suspicions are correct and you do in fact have a termite infestation it can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of additional damage if you delay bringing in help. There is no risk in getting a free termite inspection to either confirm or assuage your fears that you have an infestation.   

Trying to identify termite activity without professional help

Homeowners can learn to identify some of the signs of termite activity. If you notice mud tubes, termite swarmers, or damaged wood around your house then you may have an infestation. However, it is not always so straightforward to detect the presence of termites. Termites could be causing damage in your home without displaying any easy to spot signs. Trying to identify termite activity without professional help puts you at risk for missing an important clue and allowing an infestation to continue on without intervention. Someone who is trained to spot the signs of termite activity and damage will be able to tell you conclusively if you have an infestation.

Attempting to eradicate an infestation without professional help

Termites are difficult pests to eradicate. They spend their time in areas of your home that are difficult to get to including under the house and sometimes inside your wall. Most people simply cannot reach all of the areas where termites are without professional training and specialized tools. Attempting to eradicate an infestation without professional help leaves you at risk for missing a few termites and allowing the infestation to continue.

Any of these critical mistakes in relation to termites can lead to serious problems for homeowners. The damage that termites cause can lead to expensive issues throughout your house such as foundation problems. Do not risk serious damage to your home by waiting to take action or bringing in professional help when you suspect a termite infestation. The moment you suspect a problem, schedule a free termite inspection so you can take the appropriate steps to protect your home.

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