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Written by Tim Denner
on July 02, 2020

For many years the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement and maintenance has been popular. The easy availability of information online makes many homeowners feel like they can tackle home projects on their own. The reality is that there are a number of home improvement and maintenance tasks that you can learn to do quickly by watching a video or reading a how-to blog. Treating your home for termites is not the type of task that lends itself to DIY. Termites can be difficult to eradicate because they often spend their time in hard-to-reach places around your home. The quickest and most effective way to deal with termites is by bringing in professional help. But if you are determined to try and treat termites on your own, the DIY termite treatment options include prevention efforts, liquid termiticide, and baiting systems.

Prevention efforts

Prevention efforts are not really a termite treatment option but you need to learn about them even if you already have an active infestation. Getting rid of termites is not a once-and-done task. Once you eliminate termites from your property you will remain vulnerable to future infestations. This is because termite swarmers come out each spring to look for new places to establish a colony. If your home was attractive enough to bring in termites once it is highly likely that they will continue to find it attractive. You must make some changes if you want to prevent termites from returning in the future. Prevention efforts for termites include keeping up with home maintenance – especially when it comes to the water and drainage around your home – and keeping an eye out for signs of termite swarmers near your home.

Liquid termiticide

Liquid termiticide is a chemical solution designed to kill termites. You can find termiticide online or at your local home and garden store. Termiticide can kill termites and act as a barrier around your home against them. If you want to apply termiticide yourself it is important to determine where the termites are active around your home. Some types of termiticides require that termites come into contact with them in order to be effective which means you need to treat all areas that have active termites.

Baiting systems

Termite baiting systems are designed to bait termites, have them feed off of poison, and then take it back with them to the colony. The idea is to kill off any current termites and prevent future infestations from being able to become established at your home. You will have to install the baiting system around the exterior of your property in specified intervals to have complete protection. You also need to monitor the baiting systems and add more bait when needed.

It is possible to treat your home for termites on your own using termiticide and/or a baiting system. However, many homeowners find it difficult to effectively treat termites without professional help. You can get a free, professional termite inspection – even if you are considering DIY treatment – from the pros at TAPS Termite. Your free inspection will let you know if you do in fact have termites. It will also give you the opportunity to talk through treatment options with a pro. At TAPS Termite, we are happy to help you deal with termites at any stage of the process.

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