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Written by Fernando Munoz
on February 21, 2019

Termites have the ability to cause very expensive damage to your home. HomeAdvisor points out that the cost of termite damage to homes each year surpasses the cost of damage done by all natural disasters combined. When you consider the high cost of repairs after natural disasters it helps to understand the destructive power of termites. But, how do termites cause such significant damage to homes? The reason they are so destructive is because of the elements of your home that they target. Termites are often found eating away at structural wood underneath homes, the framing wood around windows and doors, and the wood used in the construction of the roof. Repairing any of these areas can be time consuming and costly.

Structural wood underneath your home

The structural wood underneath your home is likely the first area termites will target. This wood is close to the soil and will allow the termites to stay close to the moisture they need. When damage occurs to the structural wood of your home it can lead to foundational problems. And every homeowner knows that foundation problems are expensive to repair. A weakened foundation due to termite activity can damage the floors in your home, the walls, the exterior façade and all the openings inside and outside of the house. Repairing issues like these can quickly add up to the tens of thousands.

Framing around doors and windows

A common area for wood in a home is the framing around doors and windows. Severe termite infestations can result in damage to the wood in these areas. If termites have the opportunity to infest this part of your house you will have to replace some of the framing to maintain the proper weather protection and functioning of the windows and/or doors. In situations where the infestation has been prolonged the best option for repairs may be to replace all of the framing as well as the windows and doors. This project can quickly turn into a very expensive repair when you look at the cost of materials and labor.

Wood used in the construction of your roof

The roof of your home likely has wood on the inside in the form of decking and framing and on the outside in the form of eaves/fascia. These elements of your roof are at risk for termite damage. If you catch a termite infestation early the repairs may be as simple as replacing a few areas of the fascia. But, a severe infestation could lead to the need for a complete roof replacement. The cost for a new roof depends on a number of factors including the size of your home, the extent of the termite damage, and the type of roofing material you choose. But, you can expect to spend several thousand dollars for a repair of this nature.

Termites have the ability to cause more costly damage than just about any other type of pest. Skipping out on regular termite inspections and treatment may save you money in the short term but can cost you dearly in the long run. Do not take the risk of sustaining serious and expensive damage to your home. Schedule a professional termite inspection to ensure that your property is free from these destructive pests.   

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