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Written by Fernando Munoz
on November 05, 2019

Termites can remain active throughout the fall and cause significant damage to your home. The weather in California during the fall is typically mild and does not get extreme enough to kill off termites. The fact that termites are active around-the-clock and can survive in a variety of climates means that you cannot escape the threat of termites without proactive intervention.

The weather in California during the fall is typically mild

The weather during the fall in California changes enough to impact the activity of some pests – but not termites. They spend the majority of their time moving between the colony and their food source (the wood of your home) under the protection of the mud tubes they created. As long as subterranean termites have access to moisture-rich soil, they will continue to thrive during a California fall. Dry wood termites will not be impacted by the changes in the weather this fall because they spend most of their time inside.

Large colonies of termites are active around-the-clock

You will not get a break from termite activity as long as you have an infestation. In termite colonies there are several different types of termites, each with a specific job. The reproductive queen and king help the colony grow consistently. The soldier termites are on the front lines and make sure that the colony is safe from threats. The worker termites spend their time working on the mud tubes and eating away at the wood of your home. The fact that each termite has a specific role to play means that a large colony can cause damage around-the-clock. 

Termites can survive in a variety of climates

Termites prefer warm and moist environment but they can survive in a variety of climates. They have been found in every US state except for Alaska – where the weather can get to extreme lows. The mild fall weather in California will not be enough to kill off a termite infestation in your home. They will continue to damage the wood of your home throughout the fall – and every season – until you take steps to eradicate them from your property.

Termites are an ever-present threat to your home. Once a colony of subterranean termites is established at your property it will remain active as long as there is access to moisture-rich soil and a food source. In order to stay protected from the threat of termites you need to have your home inspected and treated when necessary. A termite pro will be able to recognize the signs of a termite infestation and make recommendations for the most effective treatment option. Do not leave your home vulnerable to the threat of termites this fall – schedule a free inspection today.

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