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Written by Tim Denner
on December 10, 2020

If you spent the spring and summer getting bit by mosquitoes every time you walked outside, the colder weather is going to give you a break from your troubles. Other bothersome pests like bees and wasps will also seem to disappear during the colder months of the year. The behavior of these pests during the colder months can vary but the end result is the same – they are no longer bothering you. It would be nice if all pests were this thoughtful, but the reality is that many types of pests continue to cause issues when it is cold outside. Termites are an example of a type of pest that can continue to be problematic throughout the winter. If you are concerned about termites, it is important to understand how the cold weather impacts their activity. When you know what to expect from these pests you can develop and implement a plan of action that will help you protect your home.

Temperature impacts when termites infest

One way that weather impacts termite activity is related to when they initially infest a property. Termite swarmers are winged, reproductive termites that leave one colony in search of a place to establish a new colony. Your home is at risk for developing a new infestation whenever termite swarmers are on the move. Fortunately, it is possible to predict when swarmers will be out looking. Termite swarmers emerge when the weather starts to warm up – typically spring or summer. You will not see termite swarmers out and about during the colder weather. When you know that swarmers are a threat during the spring and summer you can be diligent about keeping an eye out for them during those seasons. In the winter you do not have to worry about new infestations developing because of swarmers but you still need to consider the possibility that you already have an active infestation.

Ways cold weather can impact termite activity

Termites are an issue throughout the United States. In fact, termites can be found in every state except for Alaska. The extreme cold weather in Alaska is often credited for the absence of termite activity. Unfortunately, termites are not impacted by the milder winters that are common in the other parts of the country. The wintertime temperatures in California simply do not get cold enough to have a significant impact on termite activity. If you have a termite infestation in your home, they will continue to eat away at the wood in your property throughout the winter. It is important to take quick action any time you suspect termite activity in your home.

Weather can impact when termite swarmers create new colonies but it will not slow them down once they establish an infestation. Termites will eat away at the wood of your home around the clock and throughout the year. If you suspect termite activity in your home, get in touch with a termite professional right away and schedule an inspection. A professional termite inspection will let you know if you have an infestation. If the inspector confirms an infestation the next step is to get treatment as quickly as possible. If you discover that your home is free from termites you can look into prevention options to make sure it stays that way.

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