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Written by Fernando Munoz
on October 15, 2019

Termites can cause big problems for your home if you are not proactive in protecting against them. In order to effectively protect against termites, you need to understand how they behave, what is attracting them, and how to eliminate them from your home. Once you understand the basic facts about termites you can seek out the type of help you need to keep these destructive pests out of your home.

Termites can damage your home around-the-clock

A large colony of termites can literally eat away at your home 24/7. There are different types of termites within each colony that play certain roles. Examples of the different types of termites include the queen, soldier termites, swarmers, and workers. The ‘worker termites’ are the ones that are constantly eating away at your home. Their job is to feed themselves and the other types of termites in the colony. In a large colony there will be enough workers to stay busy eating away at the wood in your home around-the-clock. Because termites do not take a break from causing damage, you cannot let down your protective defenses against them.

Termites are attracted to a moisture rich environment

Subterranean termites need a moisture rich environment in order to survive. They have to remain close to soil that contains a high amount of moisture. These termites build their colonies and mud tubes in a way that allows them to stay in close contact with the soil. If you have any issues with water around your house it can put you at risk for developing a termite infestation. Leaky pipes under your house, downspouts that are not functioning correctly, or an air conditioning unit that is producing excess moisture are all factors that can increase the moisture of the soil around your house and attract termites. Fixing any issues that you have related to water is one way to protect your home from a termite infestation.

Termites are notoriously difficult to eradicate

There are a number of pests that respond well to DIY treatment methods. If you notice a line of ants marching into your kitchen, a quick shot with the ant spray you bought at the hardware store is usually effective in killing them off. Termites are not that easy to eliminate. They spend the majority of their time eating away at the wood underneath your home and inside your walls. Termites are difficult to see – and get to – because of the areas of your home where they spend their time. In order to completely eradicate a termite infestation, you need to get to all of the termites that are infesting your home. It is extremely difficult – and typically ineffective – to treat termites with DIY methods.   

In order to keep termites away you need to provide your home with constant protection against this threat. Fortunately, providing your home with protection against termites is not a time-consuming process if you work with a professional. A termite pro can provide you with a number of quick and effective options to eradicate any termites you currently have in your home and protect it going forward.

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