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Written by Fernando Munoz
on September 01, 2020

Understanding the basic facts about termites will help you protect your home from an infestation or take quick action when you see signs of termite activity. Keep reading to learn about some basic facts every homeowner should know about termites.

Termites are active in almost every state in the US

Termites are a problem for homeowners all around the United States. The only state where termites are not causing issues is Alaska. If you are anywhere else, your home is at risk for a termite infestation. This means that you must take proactive steps to protect against termites because they are active in your area. 

The cost to repair termite damage is higher than repairs for natural disasters

When a natural disaster occurs, it is always shocking to hear the estimated cost of repairs. Nature can truly be a destructive force. While the cost of repairing damage from natural disasters is high, repairing damage from termites is even higher. It is estimated that repairs for termite damage comes out to more each year than all natural disasters combined. For homeowners, this means that you must be diligent in your efforts to protect your home from these pests. 

Every year termite swarmers look for new places to infest

Protecting against termites is not a once-and-done process. Each year termite swarmers leave colonies in search of new properties to infest. Your home is at risk for developing an infestation each time swarmers emerge.

Home maintenance can impact your susceptibility to termites

The way you take care of your home can impact how susceptible it is to a termite infestation. For example, Subterranean termites need to stay close to moisture-rich soil in order to survive. The soil around your home can hold excess moisture if you have a leak or poorly functioning gutters. Keeping up with the maintenance of your home – especially when it is related to water in some way – is an important part of protecting against an infestation.

DIY termite treatment is rarely effective

There are some pest infestations that respond well to DIY treatment methods but termites are not on that list. Getting rid of termites completely is difficult if you do not have the appropriate training or tools. Termites often spend their time in places that are difficult to reach such as under the house or in the walls. If you decide on DIY treatment and miss an area where termites are active then the infestation will continue and eventually grow.

You can get a free termite inspection

It will not cost you anything to determine if you have an active infestation or are at risk for one. You can get a free professional termite infestation from the pros at TAPS Termite. A professional infestation will show you where you stand and help you make a plan going forward.

There are several options for termite control

There are a number of different options for termite control. If you have a serious and widespread infestation your home may need to be treated with structural fumigation. For smaller and more contained infestations a topical treatment can be effective. Baiting systems can also be a good option in some situations.

There is a lot to know about termites but it is worth your time to learn. The more you understand how much of a threat termites really are, the sooner you will seek out professional help. If you are ready to get started on the process of protecting your home from these pests, get in touch with the pros at TAPS Termite.

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