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Written by Fernando Munoz
on January 28, 2020

Termite damage can cause expensive problems for homeowners. If you have noticed damage around your home or suspect a termite infestation, you need to call in a professional as soon as possible. It is a good idea to get a professional termite inspection occasionally to check for damage even if you have not noticed any termite activity. You will receive a damage report from your inspector and can use that information to help you make decisions about repairs.

Call a pro if you notice damage

If you notice termite damage you need to call in a pro right away. Termite damage is progressive. If you have an active infestation the damage is going to continue worsening until you take steps to eliminate the termites. Termite damage can look like other types of wood damage such as wood rot or water damage. Many homeowners do not know how to tell the difference between the various types of wood damage. If you need help confirming the source of the damage a termite pro can help you with that process. As soon as you notice any type of wood damage it is a good idea to call in a termite pro to help determine the scope and source of the damage.

Get an inspection

A termite inspection can help you determine the scope of the damage to your home. Oftentimes termite damage occurs in areas that are outside of view. Common areas for termites include under houses and inside walls. Many homeowners never realize that termites are causing damage until it is very advanced and showing up in other areas of the house. A termite inspection can tell you if you have an active infestation, if you have damage, and inform you of the scope of that damage.

Use the damage report to make decisions about repairs

After you have a professional inspect your home for termites you will receive an inspection and damage report. The inspector will outline the current condition of your home. This report will provide information about the infestation status of your home as well as any damage that has occurred. In addition, the report will include recommendations for treatment and repairs. The report will inform you of the scope of the termite damage and help you determine what steps to take next for repairs.

To accurately determine the scope of termite damage to your home you need the help of a professional. A termite pro will know how to recognize the signs of termite activity and identify termite damage. It is important to act quickly when you discover termite damage because it can lead to costly repairs throughout your home. If you suspect termite activity and/or damage in your home, call the pros at TAPS Termite to schedule a free inspection.

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