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Written by Fernando Munoz
on May 16, 2019


Your home is likely your largest investment. It is also the place where you to rest, spend time with your loved ones, and get away from the never-ending demands of the outside world. All of these elements make your home something you want to protect. There are a number of threats from which you need to protect your San Jose home. These threats include severe weather, normal wear and tear, and pests. Protecting your property against severe weather and normal wear and tear will require you to be proactive with your home maintenance tasks. Protecting your home from harmful pests-like termites-requires the help of professionals. In order to properly protect your San Jose home from termites you need to have a professional inspection, get treatment if activity is discovered, and follow up with periodic termite protection services.

Schedule a professional termite inspection

Getting a professional termite inspection is the first step in protecting your San Jose home from termites. During the inspection, the inspector will look for signs of current termite activity, termite damage, and previous treatment. The inspector will also determine if there are areas of your home that are making a termite infestation more likely such as moisture problems and plumbing leaks. After the inspection you will receive an inspection report. This report will let you know if any activity or damage was discovered. You will also find recommendations for treatment in the inspection report. Learning about the current status of your home through a termite inspection will help you protect it from termites.

Have the current infestation treated by a professional

If your termite inspection reveals an active infestation then you need professional help to protect your home. Do-it-yourself treatments are rarely effective in completely eradicating termites. These pests often spend their time under your house and in the walls making it difficult to directly apply DIY treatment products. The quickest and most effective way to eradicate termites from your San Jose home is to have it treated by a professional. A professional will have the tools, knowledge, and experience to apply the treatment option that will provide the best results for your home. The report you receive after the termite inspection will provide you with the treatment options that are best suited for your situation. If you go with a top notch termite professional in San Jose you will also get a guarantee on the work which will ensure that your home was treated properly and effectively.

Follow up with periodic termite protection

A clean termite inspection today does not guarantee that you will have a termite-free home forever. Swarmers are termites that fly away from their old colony in search of a place to establish a new colony. Any home in San Jose is vulnerable to a termite infestation when the swarmers start their search. You can protect your home from future termite infestations by following up your inspection with periodic termite protection. This service can catch termites before they have the chance to establish a colony and cause damage to your home. You can work with your termite professional to set up a treatment protection schedule that will help you stay ahead of a potential infestation.

Termites are an ever-present threat to properties in San Jose. If you want to protect your home from these destructive pests you must be proactive in your efforts. A termite inspection will inform you of the current condition of your home and give you recommendations of what type of treatment to choose. Once you have your home treated and confirmed that it is termite free, the next step is to protect it going forward. TAPS Termite can help you with all of aspects of protecting your San Jose home from the damage termites can cause.

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