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Written by Fernando Munoz
on May 09, 2019


When you discover that your home has termites the first thing you likely want to know is how to get rid of them. Termites have a reputation for being very destructive pests-and for good reason. The latest information from HomeAdvisor shows that the cost to repair termite damage in the US each year is higher than the cost of repairing the damage from all natural disasters combined. Knowing the potential that termites have for causing damage can leave homeowners feeling the pressure to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The amount of time termite removal takes depends on the method best suited for your situation. Options include heat treatment, stay at home treatments, and structural fumigation. The time frame for these treatment options can range from a few hours to a few days. 

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a method for killing drywood termites that involves escalating the heat in the home beyond the level at which termites can survive. A trained technician will bring heaters that are designed to reach extremely high levels of heat into your home. The technician will then gradually increase the level of heat until it becomes lethal for the termites. This process can be completed in as little as eight hours and usually does not require that you sleep away from your home. You will spend a little bit of time preparing for this type of treatment. Some items in your home may be sensitive to heat damage and will need to be removed during the treatment. Overall, termite heat treatment can be done quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Stay at home treatments

Stay at home termite treatment is the least invasive of all the options. If your infestation will respond to this type of treatment you and your family will be able to stay in the property throughout treatment. Stay at home treatments include green options that are environment, pet, and family friendly. You will not have to do any type of preparation inside of your home for this type of treatment option. Typically this type of treatment is completed in one day.

Structural fumigation

Structural fumigation is the process of tenting your home and releasing gas into it. The gas used will permeate the walls and all other areas of your home making it a very effective treatment for termites. Severe termite infestations often require structural fumigation. If your home needs this level of termite treatment you can expect it to take several days and up to a week. There is a lot of preparation required of you before structural fumigation can take place. You will need to remove or protect all food and medicine in the house. All living things need to be removed and kept away from the property for the duration of fumigation. You will have to make arrangements for your family and pets to stay somewhere else while the house is tented. Structural fumigation takes the longest of all the termite removal options but it is the most effective option when you have a severe infestation.

Termite removal may take a few hours or a few days-depending on the needs of your property. It is important that you choose a treatment option based on potential results and not on quick turnaround. Ultimately, the quickest way to get rid of termites is the option that will eradicate them the first time. Work with your local termite professional to determine which treatment option will remove the termites from your home quickly and effectively.

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