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Written by Fernando Munoz
on August 22, 2019

At TAPS Termites we regularly have customers ask, ‘How often should I have professional termite inspections?’ This question is likely so common because there is not one answer that fits every situation. There are a number of factors that impact how often you should have a professional termite inspection including: the current and past condition of your property and the frequency recommended by your termite pro.

The current condition of your property

If you have noticed signs of termite activity on or near your property then the time for a termite inspection is now. A termite infestation can grow quickly and cause widespread damage to your home. Signs of termite activity to look out for include mud tubes, swarmers, and wood damage. The presence of any of these elements should prompt you to schedule an inspection ASAP.

The past condition of your property

If your property had a termite infestation in the past you may need to have more frequent termite inspections than a property with no history of termites. The fact that termites descended on your property once means that they are a threat in your area and that your home was vulnerable to them once before. Hopefully your efforts to repair your property and eradicate the infestation have decreased the threat that termites pose. But it is still wise to keep a close eye out for termite activity at your property. Talk to your termite pro about the history of infestations at your property to get a customized recommendation.

The frequency recommended by your termite professional

There are many other elements that can impact your property’s susceptibility to termites. For example, some parts of the US have more trouble with termites than others. If you have a neighbor with a termite issue your property is at increased risk. The age of your home and building materials are other elements that may need to be factored in when deciding on the right frequency for termite inspections. When you have the initial termite inspection for your home talk to the inspector and get recommendations on frequency based on all of the elements that may impact your property’s vulnerability to termites.

The standard recommendation for termite inspection frequency is once per year. This is a good place to start if your home is currently termite-free and does not have a history of infestations. Keep in mind that your home is unique and it may require a different frequency than the standard recommendations. You may need termite inspections more or less often than the average property. At TAPS Termite we understand that every situation is unique and we are happy to provide customized recommendations. We offer a free termite inspection to get you started. Your termite pro will make sure you understand the results of the inspection and how best to move forward.

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