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Written by Fernando Munoz
on January 04, 2022

A termite baiting system can be an effective tool in your efforts to protect your home from termites. A baiting system does not actually bait termites or attract them to your property. Instead, a baiting system is designed to monitor termite activity near your home. The bait stations are placed strategically around your property. As termites move through the area and toward your home, they encounter the bait stations and eat on the wood block inside. A termite pro will check on the baiting stations on a regular basis to determine if your home is in immediate danger for developing an infestation. If it is, the pro will apply termite treatment in order to prevent the pests from making it all the way to your house. Do you need a termite baiting system for your home? If you live in an area with a lot of termite activity, have a history of termites in your home, or learned that your house is susceptible to an infestation, then you need a baiting system.

If you live in an area with a high level of termite activity

Baiting systems are designed to help termite pros monitor termite activity. In an area where termite activity is high, the baiting systems are a first line of defense against an infestation. The reality is that every state in the United States – with the exception of Alaska – has an issue with termites. In the majority of California, termite activity is at a high level. You cannot avoid the possibility of getting an infestation by moving to a different part of the state because they are present throughout. If you live in California, then you need a termite baiting system installed at your house.

If your home has been infested with termites in the past

Another way to determine if you need a baiting station for you home is by looking at the history of your property. If your home has been infestation with termites in the past it is a good indication that your home is vulnerable to termites. If you are unsure about your home’s termite history, a professional inspection will be able to reveal if there are signs of a previous infestation. A baiting system will allow you to keep a close eye on termite activity when you have a home with a history of termite activity.

If a termite inspection reveals that your home is susceptible to an infestation

There are times when a termite inspection reveals that there is not an active infestation. It is great news to learn that your home is free from termites! The inspector will also look out for areas or issues that make your home more susceptible to a termite infestation. If you have a home that has issues that may draw in termites, it is important to get a baiting system so you can stay on top of potential termite activity.

The pros at TAPS Termite can help you with the process of determining if you need a baiting system for your home. If you decide that you should get a baiting system installed, reach out to TAPS Termite to learn about the process and discuss specifics for your property.

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