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Written by Fernando Munoz
on May 30, 2019


First time homebuyers can be fun to work with as a real estate agent. Purchasing a home for the first time is an exciting process but it can also be stressful. It is a time of learning for your clients as they navigate the ins and outs of buying their first home. As a real estate agent, there are a number of elements that you have to educate these first time homebuyers about. One element of the purchasing process that buyers often have to be educated about is the importance of a termite inspection. You can convey this by teaching them about the dangers of an infestation and discussing the information provided by an inspection.

Dangers of a termite infestation

A termite infestation will lead to damage to the wood inside and around a home. This includes the structural wood under the house, inside the walls, and in the roof as well as wood around windows and doors. Damage to the structural wood of your home can create the need for expensive repairs. For example, to repair damage under a house or inside the walls homeowners are sometimes forced to tear out flooring, sheetrock, cabinets, etc. In these situations the damage from the termites extends way beyond a few pieces of wood. If an infestation is allowed to get severe enough it could compromise the integrity of the structure making it unsafe for occupancy. A termite inspection can protect your homebuyers from unknowingly purchasing a property with a termite infestation. The inspector will look for signs of current termite activity and make note of any damage that has already occurred. Having this information will allow your clients to make an informed purchasing decision and avoid costly surprises in the future.

Information provided by a termite inspection

As mentioned above, a termite inspection will provide your homebuyers with information about the current status of the home they are thinking about purchasing. They will learn whether or not the property has an active infestation and if there is any damage. The inspection report will also include a list of treatment recommendations in situations where an infestation was discovered. But, the value of a termite inspection does not stop there. The inspection report will also include information about areas of the home where moisture appears to be an issue. Termites are attracted to moisture rich environments so making repairs to problems areas will help protect the property going forward. The information provided by a termite inspection can save your clients money by helping them avoid a property that will need costly repairs in the future. Your clients can use an inspection report as a price negotiation tool if they want a property that is found to have termites. Educating first time homebuyers about the information provided by a termite inspection will help them understand why it is an essential part of the home buying process.

The excitement of purchasing a home for the first time can lead homebuyers to make rash decisions-like purchasing a home without a termite inspection. As a real estate agent, you understand that spending the money and taking the time to get the right types of inspections will protect your clients in the long run. Educate your first time homebuyers about the importance of a termite inspection from the very beginning of their search so they do not question its value when the time comes to make a purchase.

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