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Written by Tim Denner
on March 04, 2021

Office buildings are at risk for a termite infestation in the same way that residential properties are at risk. The reality is that any building with wood somewhere in the construction is at risk for problems from wood-destroying pests like termites and powder post beetles. You can get your office building inspected for termites from the pros at TAPS Termite. It is important to realize that there may be some preparation required from you before the inspection. 

What happens during a termite inspection?

The first step in knowing how to prepare for a termite inspection at your office building is to understand what happens during an inspection. The inspector will do a visual inspection of various areas in your building for signs of termites or termite activity. This may include seeing termites, finding termite carcasses, seeing droppings, discovering damaged wood, or spotting mud tubes. The inspector will also look for signs of moisture problems, dry rot, plumbing leaks, fungus, and mold issues. Issues related to water can attract termites and make your office building more susceptible to an infestation. By checking for these issues, the inspector can help you determine which repairs to make in order to avoid a future infestation. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will provide you with a narrative wood destroying organism report that outlines the current condition of your property and provides recommendations for treatment or prevention. 

How to prepare for a termite inspection at your office building

It should not take you long to prepare for a termite inspection at your office building. The most important step is to make sure the inspector has easy access to the most important areas of the building. When it comes to termites, the basement, crawlspace, and attic are common areas where the inspector will need access. If there is anything blocking access to these areas, take the time to remove the items so the inspector has access. Be sure and let the tenants of your office building know that a termite inspection is taking place. The inspector will not be disruptive, but it is always helpful to let people know that someone different will be in the building for a bit. 

If your office building has been treated for termites in the past or had a previous termite inspection, gather up any reports you have on that before your inspection. It will help your current inspector to know about previous infestations and past treatments. 

A termite infestation in your office building can cause devastating damage and require costly repairs. Getting a termite inspection is one of the most practical ways that you can protect your office from the threat of termites. It will not take much of your time to prepare for a termite inspection, but it can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

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