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Written by Tim Denner
on March 11, 2021

Is it possible to stay at home during structural fumigation? No, it is not possible to stay at home during structural fumigation. It can be frustrating to pack up and leave your house for several days in order to eradicate a termite infestation. Once you understand the seriousness of this type of termite treatment, however, you will see that staying home during fumigation is simply not an option. There are several treatment options that allow you to remain home. The treatment option that is right for your property is something that you and your termite pro will figure out together. 

How does structural fumigation work?

Structural fumigation can get termite treatment (fumigant) to areas of your home that other treatment options simply cannot reach. The termiticide is in gas form and can penetrate the walls of your home and find its way into every nook and cranny. If you, your family, or pets were at the property during fumigation there would be no way to avoid breathing in the fumigant. In fact, your home will have to be encased in a specially designed tent to ensure that the fumigant does not drift off into the world instead of staying inside your house where it is needed. The tent prevents the fumigant from dispersing and causes it to stay within your home. Since the tent must be sealed off when the fumigant is released, it is impossible for you and your family to enter the home. Once the fumigant is released, no one can go into the property for a set amount of time. The design of structural fumigation makes it an extremely effective option for eradicating termites. It is inconvenient that you lose access to your home for an allotted amount of time but, ultimately, a house that is free from termites is worth spending a few days in a hotel or staying with family. 

Termite treatment options that allow you to stay home.

Structural fumigation is the most aggressive type of termite treatment available. There are other, less disruptive termite treatment options. Green solutions like radiant heat, orange oil, and tree bark derivatives can be effective in eradicating termites and allow you to stay home during treatment. 

Which termite treatment is right for your property?

After your termite inspection, you will receive a report outlining the condition of your property and recommendations for treatment. If you go with TAPS Termite, you can rest assured that the treatment option that is recommended is the one that is best for your property. Ask questions and get clarification about the treatment recommendation so you feel good about the treatment option you choose. 

It is understandable to want to stay home while your property gets treated for termites. Who wants to go to the trouble of staying away for several days? Termites can cause big problems for your home and are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Because of this, you should choose the treatment option that will provide you with quick and effective results.

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