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Written by Fernando Munoz
on October 08, 2020

A termite infestation can cause serious problems for your house. Termites can eat around the clock on the structural wood of your home. Over time, this activity can lead to structural issues that are extremely expensive to repair. In order to protect your home from that type of damage you must eliminate the termite infestation as quickly as possible. There is no debate about whether or not you need to treat a termite infestation – you do! However, many people debate about the method of treatment. Can DIY termite treatment get the job done or is it necessary to hire an exterminator? The short answer is that you should hire a professional to help you deal with your termite infestation. Keep reading if you want a more detailed explanation of why it really is necessary to hire an exterminator for a termite infestation.

Termites can cause expensive damage

Repairing the damage that termites cause can cost you thousands of dollars. The longer a termite colony is active the more extensive the damage will become. Oftentimes, termite damage leads to secondary damage in your home. For example, damage to the structural wood of your property can lead to problems with your foundation, flooring, doorways, and other areas of your house. Each day that termites are active in your home is another day where more damage will occur. Hiring an exterminator is the fastest way for you to eliminate a termite infestation and stop further damage.

Termites live in areas that are often difficult to access

It is unlikely that you will see a termite crawl across your living room floor. These pests prefer to spend their time in more out-of-the-way places. It is common for termites to stay completely out of sight. If you are not actively looking for a termite infestation the only clue you will get of their existence is signs of damage. The fact that termites often live in areas of your home that are difficult to access – in the crawl space or inside walls – means that it can be difficult to get to all of those areas for treatment. Treating your home for termites on your own will require you to find and spray all of the areas where termites are active. Without any training or prior experience treating termites it will be easy for you to miss parts of the infestation. If you fail to completely eradicate the infestation, you leave your home at risk for further damage. A termite professional will have the training, experience, and tools needed to apply treatment in the most difficult to reach areas of your home.

Termites are notoriously difficult to eradicate

Termites are notoriously difficult to eradicate. The areas of your home where termites infest coupled with their behavior makes them resistant to typical DIY treatment efforts. Many homeowners realize this fact after they have tried unsuccessfully to eliminate termites. Hiring an exterminator is the best way for you to quickly and effectively get rid of termites.

If your goal is to get rid of termites quickly and halt the damage that they can cause, your best option is to hire an exterminator. Termites are not a pest that you have the luxury of trying to figure out how to treat on your own. Each day that a termite infestation remains active is another day that your home is being damaged. In Santa Clara County and surrounding areas you can get help eliminating termites from the pros at TAPS Termite.

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