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Written by Tim Denner
on April 23, 2020

Learning about the conditions that allow termites to thrive in your home is the first step you should take toward termite prevention. If you can learn what leads to termites and then eliminate those issues from your home then you can significantly reduce your chances of developing an infestation. Some of the conditions that allow termites to thrive in your home are unavoidable while others can be eliminated with a few simple steps.

Availability of wood

Termites need wood to survive. If there is wood in or around your home then you are providing termites with the very thing they need to thrive. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to remove the termite food source from your home. Many structures are built using wood for framing, flooring, window sills, and doors. If wood was used during any part of the building process then termites can thrive in your home.

Moisture rich soil

Subterranean termites need to be in close contact with moisture rich soil in order to survive. All soil has some moisture – there is simply no way around it. However, there is something you can do about soil that contains excess moisture. If there is an excess of moisture in your soil it makes your home look even more attractive to termites. In order to minimize the amount of moisture in your soil you need to take steps to fix the issues leading to the moisture build-up. Common issues include leaking pipes, an over-worked air conditioning unit, and poor drainage.

Absence of preventative measures

Sometimes it is the absence of something that allows termites to thrive in your home. Skipping out on termite prevention will set you up for having termite problems in the future. Preventative efforts such as getting baiting systems placed around your home can significantly reduce your chances of developing a problem. And, many termite pros offer a guarantee on their work and will provide you with additional treatment without cost if the prevention efforts are unsuccessful.

It is easy to unknowingly create the ideal conditions for termites in your home. You cannot remove the structural wood of your property which means your home will always have an abundance of food available for termites. You can, however, eliminate excess moisture from the soil of your home by staying on top of your home maintenance tasks. And, if you are willing to invest in professional termite prevention now you can avoid an infestation and damage in the future. If you need help, start the process by getting a professional termite inspection. Once the inspection is complete, you will find out if you have an infestation or are at risk for developing one. That information will help you know what changes to make so termites can no longer thrive in your home.

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