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Written by Tim Denner
on April 16, 2020

Termites are a difficult pest to spot. They are not as easy to notice as a cockroach or mouse running across your kitchen floor. In fact, many people can look right at a termite and think they are looking at an odd ant. In many situations, the only real way to determine if you have termites is with a professional inspection. But, if you are determined to look for signs of termite activity before getting an inspection, there are a few places you should look.

Window and door frames

In many homes there is wood used for window and door frames. You may also notice that the threshold of your exterior doors are made with wood. It is common for termites to cause problems in these areas. If you are looking around for termite damage, take a walk around your home and examine each door and window. Look for wood that looks wavy or crumbly. You can also tap on the wood to see if it sounds hollow or feels soft. All of these issues can point toward termite activity or some other type of wood damage to your window and door frames.

Foundation wall

The foundation wall of your home is another place to look for signs of termites. Termites often build mud tubes along foundational walls to get from their colony to their food source. You will see what looks like lines on the wall. They are typically tan in color and can seem to go in various directions. If you notice lines of any type on your foundational wall that seem to go from the ground up to your house, you need to take steps to have your home checked for termites by a pro.

In your crawlspace

Your crawlspace is the third area of your home you should check for signs of termites. Termites often spend the majority of their time out of the view of homeowners because they infest crawlspaces. Most homeowners never have a reason to go into the crawlspace. This means that termites can cause damage for a long time before they are discovered. The signs of termites in the crawl space are the same as in other areas of your property – damaged wood and mud tubes. Seeing either in your crawl space should prompt you to take action against termites.

If you are looking for signs of termites, the three areas outlined above are the places you are most likely to find those signs. The most effective way to determine if you have termites is by getting a professional termite inspection. A termite pro will be able to easily identify these signs and determine if you have an active infestation. Once your home is inspected you can work with the termite pro to determine if treatment or prevention efforts are necessary.

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