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Written by Fernando Munoz
on February 11, 2021

Termites are one of the biggest threats to your home. They threaten the actually physical structure of your property. The average person does not have the training or experience needed to spot signs of termite activity. Getting clear on whether or not you have termites in an essential part of properly caring for your home. The best way to determine if you have a termite infestation, damage, or are in danger of developing an infestation is to have your home inspected by a termite professional. If your home has never been inspected for termites it is in danger. 

Areas that are at risk for termites

Some people skip out on getting a termite inspection because they think that termites are not a big problem in their area. Here is the reality, termites are active in every state of the United States with the exception of Alaska. If you live in Santa Clara County or surrounding areas this means that you home is at risk for termites and that you need to take steps to ensure that it is protected. 

When termites are a threat

Many people have questions about the timing of termite activity. Are they a threat all year long or only at certain times during the year? Are there periods of time when an active termite infestation goes dormant? When it comes to developing a new infestation, there is a window of time each year when you are most at risk. When the weather warms up, winged termites called swarmers leave established colonies in search of places where they can establish a new colony. For many parts of the country, spring is prime time for developing a new termite infestation. Once an infestation is established, termites will eat away at the wood of your home around the clock. They will not hibernate or give your home a break from their destruction. 

Damage that termites can cause

The type and level of damage that termites can cause are what make them such a serious threat. Termites eat away at the wood of your home. Often, termites cause damage to structural wood because it is the easiest to access in relation to their colony. Damage to the structural wood of your home can have a snowball effect in terms of damage. Once the damage is widespread it can impact other areas of your house. It can be expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to your life to deal with the repairs related to termite damage. 

If your home has never been inspected for termites then it is in danger. Fortunately, setting up a professional inspection is simple. You can get a free termite inspection from the pros at TAPS Termite. Get in touch today to schedule your free inspection and determine what steps you need to take to protect your home from the threat of termites.

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