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Written by Fernando Munoz
on March 07, 2019

A termite inspection can typically be completed in a couple of hours. Once the physical inspection is done the inspector will take some time to compile a report and a plan for treatment if it is deemed necessary. But, before the inspection takes place there are a few things you need to do to prepare your home. These preliminary steps will ensure that the inspector can get to all of the pertinent areas of your house and provide you with a thorough termite inspection.

Locate all of the crawlspace and attic access areas

If your home has a crawlspace there will be access to it in some area of your house. If you do not currently know where those access areas are then you need to locate them before the termite inspection. Oftentimes access will be via a trap door inside of a closet. If your home contains any additions they will likely contain a crawlspace access door as well. Your termite inspector will also need to have access to your attic. Locate the attic access points and make sure that those are accessible for the inspection.

Clear out anything that may get in the way of the inspector

Move boxes, shelving, storage, or clutter that may get in the way of the inspector having access to the attic or crawlspace. Make sure your attic is as clear of clutter as possible so the inspector can move around and reach all of the important areas. In the garage, you need to move items away from the wall to allow access to the foundation and wall framing. The inspector will also need to examine any area that is located near water. This includes areas below sinks and in closets that butt up against a stall shower or bathtub.

Ensure all areas are unlocked

The inspector will need full access to all areas of your property. This includes structures that are not attached to the house such as detached garages and storage buildings. Make sure that all of these areas are unlocked before the inspection so the inspector has full access.

Secure pets

Pets need to be put up or stay somewhere else during the inspection. The inspector will be in and out of many areas of your home-including the yard-and it could be disturbing to your pets to have someone they do not know moving around. The entire inspection should take between one and two hours. Make arrangements for your pets ahead of time so you do not have an issue the day of the inspection.

The effort you spend preparing your home for a termite inspection is well worth it. You will get a more thorough inspection when you make sure that all of the important areas of your home are clutter free and easily accessible to the inspector.

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