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Written by Fernando Munoz
on June 06, 2019

 Termites are a threat to properties throughout California. You cannot get away from the possibility of termites in the properties you manage. This fact means that you have to be consistent and proactive in your termite protection efforts. Keeping your properties termite free is not complicated. You can protect the properties you manage by following three tips: be proactive with maintenance, get a professional termite inspection, and set up periodic termite protection services.

Be proactive with maintenance

Getting behind on the maintenance of the properties you manage can leave them vulnerable to a termite infestation. Termites are attracted to moisture rich environments. If your property has a moisture problem or leaking pipes it will increase the chances of a termite infestation. If you are proactive with the maintenance of the properties you manage it will help protect them from termites. One way to do this is to set up a maintenance schedule that includes checking the property for moisture issues on a regular basis. And, if you ever get a call from a tenant about a water problem, address it right away. When you delay getting a water issue fixed it could open your property up to even more damage from termites.

Get a professional termite inspection

A professional termite inspection is one of the most important tools in protecting properties from termites. An inspection will give you detailed information about the condition of your property and recommendations for treatment if an issue was discovered. It will also outline any termite damage that was found and potential problem areas. This information will help you know where to complete repairs and how to best protect the property going forward.

Set up periodic termite protection services

Getting a termite inspection and then dealing with an active infestation will put the property you manage in a good place-termite free. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the property will automatically remain termite free. Every year termite swarmers leave their colony in search of new places to build a home. The properties you manage are always at risk for a termite infestation when swarmers are out. You can minimize that risk by properly maintaining the properties as discussed above. Another way to minimize that risk is to set up periodic termite protection services for the properties you manage. These services allow your termite professional to keep an eye on your property and catch termite activity before it has the chance to develop into termite damage.

Combining proactive maintenance with professional help gives you the best chance of protecting the properties you manage from termites. If you are looking for help with these three tips, get in touch with TAPS Termite. TAPS can provide you with inspections, treatment, and periodic termite protection services for all of the properties you manage.

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