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Written by Fernando Munoz
on June 15, 2021

Houses are not the only structures that are in danger of being infested with termites. Your office building is also at risk. Any structure that was framed using wood or has wood somewhere in the construction can become infested with termites. You need to make sure your office building is protected from the threat of termites in order to protect your finances and the integrity of your building. There are a few steps you can take to help protect your office building from the threat of termites.

Get a professional termite inspection

A good place to start the process of protecting your office building from the threat of termites is with a professional termite inspection. You need to know if your building is already infested with termites or if it is at risk for a future infestation. A termite professional will look at all the areas of your office building that are likely to show signs of activity. It can be difficult to spot the signs of termite activity when you are not trained or experienced doing so. Bringing in a professional is the best way to find out the next steps you need to take against termites – treatment or prevention efforts.

Invest in professional building maintenance

Building maintenance is an important part of keeping your office building in top shape. It is a bad reflection on your business if you have a building that is poorly maintained. Building maintenance can also impact how susceptible it is to developing a termite infestation. Keeping your building maintained and dealing with any water issues as soon as possible are steps that will help with termite prevention. It may be tempting to try and handle building maintenance on your own – especially if you have a small business. Try and avoid that temptation! The reality is that proper office building management requires a level of time and expertise that most business owners simply do not have at their disposal. Investing in professional building maintenance can go a long way toward helping you protect your office building from termites.

Schedule routine termite protection services

One of the most important things you can do to protect your office building from termites is to schedule routine termite protection services. A termite pro can install a baiting system around your property and apply termiticide to the building as needed. Setting up this type of routine termite protection will allow the termite pro to keep a close eye on the condition of your property. A key part of protecting your office building from termite damage is catching and dealing with a termite problem before serious damage can occur.

Your business needs to be protected from the threat of termites. Preventing termites is a way for you to protect the well-being of your office building and your bottom line. TAPS Termite offers commercial termite treatment and protection. Reach out to schedule an inspection and get started on the process of protecting your office building from termites.

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