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Written by Tim Denner
on April 30, 2019

There are a number of factors to consider when you purchase a property as an investment. You have to look at the current condition of the property and determine its’ potential. The area the property is in as well as the possible uses of the property come into play when you attempt to make a purchasing decision. As a smart investor you likely consider every element you can in order to decide if a property will provide a good return on investment. The reality is that there are always some unknown factors that may impact your investment in the future. One factor that many investors fail to consider is termite damage. Termite damage can lead to expensive repair costs that eat away at your returns. Fortunately, this is an element that does not have to be a complete unknown. You can take a few proactive steps that will allow you to protect the properties you invest in from expensive termite damage. 

Always get a termite inspection before making a purchase

It is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a purchase when you feel like you have found a good investment. Many would-be real estate moguls have allowed emotion to take over the purchasing process. This can lead to neglecting important steps in the purchasing process in an attempt to secure a property. One element of purchasing an investment property that you should never skip-no matter how good a deal seems-is the termite inspection. Always get a termite inspection before buying an investment property! This will protect you from purchasing a property that will need expensive repairs down the line. In addition, an inspection can help you determine that a property is, in fact, a great deal.

Keep the properties well-maintained

Proper maintenance can add a layer of protection against termites at the properties you invest in. Subterranean termites need to be in close contact with moisture in order to survive and thrive. A property with water issues like leaks and drainage problems is more susceptible to termites than a property without these issues. Regular maintenance on your investment properties can prevent these issues from occurring and in turn prevent problems with termites.

Hire a professional for preventative treatment

You can take your termite prevention efforts a step further and hire a professional for preventative treatment. A termite treatment professional can provide you with preventative treatment options that address the areas of your property that are vulnerable to termites. You can often learn about preventative treatment options as a part of the initial termite inspection you get on the property.

Protecting the properties you invest in from expensive termite damage is not a complicated process. The proactive steps of getting an initial inspection, properly maintaining the property, and getting preventative treatment will work together to protect your investment.

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