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Written by Fernando Munoz
on April 08, 2021

Spring is the time of year where nature renews itself and the longer daylight hours give us increased energy to tackle our Spring Cleaning duties. If you have already started making your spring to-do list, be sure and add termite treatment and prevention. Part of caring for your home is making sure that it is protected from threats like termites. 

Why spring is an important time to think about termites

Spring is an important time to think about termites for a couple of reasons. First, it is a common time for homeowners to take on new home projects and catch up on maintenance. Adding steps that will help you treat or prevent termites should fit right in with the other types of tasks you are already doing to your home. Second, the spring is often the start of termite swarm season. This is the time of year when termite swarmers leave their colonies in search of new places to infest after they’ve outgrown their current colony (or gallery). These termites can fly and reproduce which makes them a threat to any property nearby and other areas of your home. Taking extra steps against termites during the spring can help you protect your home from developing a termite infestation. 

Treatment options to explore for an active infestation

If you suspect an active infestation in your home, make sure exploring treatment options is on your to-do list. While there is not a one-size-fits-all termite treatment option, there is a solution to every termite problem. There are different types of termites and they may require different types of treatments. For instance, drywood termite fumigation will eradicate Drywood Termites because they nest in the structural wood members but will not eradicate most Subterranean Termite colonies because they nest in the soil underneath and around the structure where fumigant gas can’t effectively penetrate. In addition, the size of the infestation, the areas where the termites are active, and details about your home’s construction all impact which treatment you should choose. Your preferences can also come into play. For example, you may prefer treatment with a more environmentally-friendly “green” termiticide or pesticide-free heat treatment. You can start exploring treatment options online before contacting a termite pro. TAPS Termite has an outline of each available treatment option on their website. You can get help deciding from a termite pro to speed up the process. 

Steps for termite prevention

There are several things you can do this spring to prevent future problems with termites. As mentioned above, some of the home maintenance tasks you are already doing this spring can help with termite prevention such as trimming bushes and other vegetation so it’s not in direct contact with your home’s exterior siding, foundation and roof and clearing out debris from under the house and the gutters and water drainage systems. Another important task for prevention is getting a professional termite inspection. Put this task on your spring to-do list so you can get an accurate understanding of the current condition of your home and how vulnerable it is to a future infestation. This will be an easy task to mark off of your to-do list because it will only require a phone call or online contact to schedule the inspection. 

Making sure your home is protected from termites may not be as exciting as other spring projects and renovations because you cannot see the impact of this task in the same way you see the freshly planted flowerbeds or a fresh coat of paint. However, you can protect your home from significant damage in the future with a few proactive tasks. The payoff is well worth the effort required.

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