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Written by Fernando Munoz
on July 20, 2021

The physical building that houses your business is important. If customers come to your space, it is the place that represents your business to the community. Even if you do not have customers come to the location, it is still an essential part of your business. Protecting your building from the threat of termites is a way for you to protect your business. Termites are a dangerous pest that have the potential to bring your business to a screeching halt. A serious infestation can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage that will take away from other aspects of your business. And, if you allow an infestation to grow without intervening, you could end up with an infestation so severe that it requires structural fumigation. All of this can sound scary but the good news is that it is preventable. With the right type of preventative action, you can protect your business from termites. One of the simplest ways to reduce your chances of a termite infestation at your business is to keep up with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance tasks that will help protect your business from termites include keeping up with lawn care, checking for signs of water issues, and regularly examining the condition of the wood around the building.

Keeping up with lawncare

If your business has a natural area around it – trees, grass, flowerbeds – keeping up with the maintenance of those areas can help with termite prevention. Fallen branches and dead trees can attract termites. If these things are near your building, termites can easily make their way to the property. Get help keeping up with the outdoor maintenance to ensure that you are doing everything possible to protect your business from termites. It is a good idea to bring in a professional to look at your trees and assess their health. If there is a tree that is dying it could become infested with termites before you realize there is a problem.

Check for signs of water issues

Another routine maintenance task that will help protect your business from termites is to check for signs of water issues. Subterranean termites are attracted to areas with moisture-rich soil. If there is a leaking pipe or messed up downspout at your building, the moisture level in the soil can build up and make your property more attractive to termite swarmers. During your other routine maintenance tasks, be sure and check for signs of water issues. Standing water, areas where the ground is soft, and drainage that does not go in the right direction are all signs of potential water issues. If you find a problem, take steps to fix it as soon as possible to help prevent a buildup of moisture in the soil.

Regularly examine the wood around the building

The wood around your building can provide you with information about termite activity. As you go about normal maintenance tasks, take note of the wood around the property. Termite activity can cause the wood to look wavy, hollow, or like it is disintegrating. Any wood that does not look healthy should be examined by a professional for termite activity. Wood issues are not only caused by termites but usually require help from an expert to determine what is causing the damage to the wood.

Proactive maintenance of your building will help keep it in top condition. Termite prevention should be on your mind as you go about the routine maintenance of your building. If you are concerned that your business already has a termite infestation or simply want an assurance that it does not, call and set up a professional termite inspection with TAPS Termite.

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