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Written by Tim Denner
on March 12, 2019

If you are in the market for a new home, a termite inspection should be on your list of required inspections. This one inspection can help you in a number of ways both during and after the home purchase process. It can aid you in negotiations with sellers, prevent unexpected repairs down the road, give you the information you need for lenders and insurance providers, and provide you with an added peace of mind.

Help you in negotiations with sellers

A termite inspection will reveal current termite activity, damage, and past treatment that may exist. If a house you are thinking about purchasing has an active infestation or damage that information will impact the purchase negotiations. You can ask the sellers to have the infestation treated and the damage repaired. Or, you can ask for a reduction in purchase price and deal with the infestation and damage on your own.

Prevent unexpected repairs down the road

A termite inspection will keep you from having to deal with unexpected repairs down the road. When you get an inspection you learn a lot about the property you want to purchase. If you choose not to get an inspection you could end up having to repair termite damage later on that you did not know existed. The best way to protect yourself is to know exactly what you are getting into when you purchase a house. A termite inspection will let you know if there is any current damage that you will have to deal with now or in the future.

Provide your lender and insurance provider with proper documentation

If you are getting a loan to purchase a house your lender may require a clean termite inspection before closing. Your homeowner’s insurance and/or mortgage insurance providers may also want to see a clear termite inspection before providing coverage.

Give you added peace of mind

There are a number of practical reasons to get a termite inspection on any house you plan to purchase. But, there are also some intangibles that come with knowing that a termite professional has taken a close look at the property. A clear termite inspection report can give you an added peace of mind as you navigate the often complicated process of purchasing a house. Even if the report comes back to show termite activity, you can feel good about whatever decision you make because it is an informed one.

As a rule, you should always get a professional termite inspection on any home you are seriously considering purchasing. Getting an inspection during the home purchasing process is a small step that can save you big during the purchase and down the road.

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