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Written by Tim Denner
on December 19, 2019

As a homeowner, it is important that you keep an eye out for signs of termite activity so you can protect your property. It is a good idea to invest in preventative termite treatments and have termite inspections on the recommended schedule for your area. These steps will go a long way toward protecting your home from termites. It is also a good idea for you to learn some of the signs of termite activity so you can jump into action if you ever suspect an issue.

Unexplained damage around your house

If you notice unexplained damage around your house it could be a sign of termite activity. The most obvious sign is damaged wood. Wood that has termite damage can look wavy, hollow, or like it is falling apart. Other elements such as water and age can also damage wood so you may need the help of a professional to determine if it is from termite activity. Termites can also cause secondary issues such as foundation problems. Cracked sheetrock and doors that do not close properly are signs of foundation issues. Sometimes those foundation issues are caused by termite activity. If there is unexplained damage in or around your house take some time to determine if it is from termite activity.

Presence of mud tubes

Mud tubes are an outward sign of termite activity. Termites create these tubes to help them travel back and forth between the colony and food source. These tubes can often be found along your foundation and under your home in the crawlspace. If you notice mud tubes they could signify the presence of an active infestation or they may be from a previous infestation. The only real way to determine if the mud tubes are part of a current infestation is to call in a professional for a termite inspection.

Termite swarmers

Termite swarmers near your home are a sign of potential termite infestation. Swarmers are reproductive, winged termites that leave an established colony and search for new homes and building to infest. If you see swarmers it is an indication that your home is at risk. Take quick action and call in professional help if you notice swarmers – it may be what you need to do in order to prevent an infestation. 

If you keep a close eye out for these signs of termite activity it will help you protect your home from damage. Termites are persistent in their efforts to infest homes and will continuously cause damage if they are given the chance. If you are proactive in your efforts to protect your home from termites then you can avoid the serious and expensive damage that they can cause. You can get started in your efforts by calling the pros at TAPS Termite and scheduling a free home termite inspection.

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