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Written by Tim Denner
on September 15, 2020

In order to prevent serious damage from termites you need to take steps to protect your home from these pests. Termites will eat away at the wood in your home which can lead to severe damage. Repairing the damage that termites cause can be both expensive and time consuming. If you are proactive in your efforts you can avoid getting a termite infestation in the first place. And, if you ever do get an infestation, being proactive will help you catch it quickly and get treatment right away.

Promptly deal with water issues

Water issues around your house can lead to problems with termites. Subterranean termites need to stay in close contact with moisture-rich soil in order to survive. Because of this, houses that have moisture-rich soil are more likely to develop a termite infestation. Moisture can build up in your soil if you have a leak, a poorly functioning gutter system, or issues with water runoff. Each of these water issues can cause water to sink into your soil and increase the level of moisture. Promptly dealing with water issues is an important step in protecting your home from termites.

Keep wood stored away from your house

Firewood stored near your house can make a termite infestation more likely. Termites are often attracted to decaying wood. It is common to see houses that have firewood stored touching the house. This is convenient when you need to grab some firewood but it puts you at risk for termites. If termites are in the firewood they can easily transfer to the wood in your home. Store firewood away from your house and off the ground to minimize the risk of transferring a termite infestation from the wood to your property.

Stay on top of yardwork

An overgrown yard can put you at a higher risk for termite activity. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it is more difficult to spot problems when the yard is unkempt. Termite mud tubes, damaged wood, and water issues can all be hidden easily by an overgrown yard. Staying on top of yardwork will help you spot issues early on so you can take action.

Get a professional termite inspection

A professional termite inspection is absolutely essential if you want to protect your home from termites. An inspection will let you know if you have a current infestation. If you do not, the inspection may reveal elements of your home that put you at risk for a future infestation. Ultimately, a professional termite inspection will let you know where you stand.

Get treatment if necessary

If your inspection reveals a current infestation, the best way to protect your home from damage is to get treatment from a professional. Bringing in professional help for termites is the quickest and most effective way to ensure that you completely eradicate the termites and stop the damage.

Protect your home going forward

Another important element of protecting your home from termites is setting up preventative treatment. This type of treatment will help you protect against getting future infestations. A common option is getting a termite baiting system installed around your home.

There are several steps you can take to protect your home from the threat of termites. Keeping up with your home and yard maintenance can both help keep termites away. Getting the help of a termite pro with an inspection and treatment (if necessary) are also essential elements of successfully protecting your home from termites.

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