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Written by Tim Denner
on March 26, 2020

Protecting your home from termites is the most effective option for preventing termite damage. If you keep these pests from ever establishing a colony in your home you can stop damage from occurring before it ever starts. In order to protect your home from termites, you need to take a few proactive steps. These include dealing with any water issues around your home, storing firewood away from your house, getting a professional termite inspection, and setting up regular termite treatment.  

Deal with any water issues around your home

Water issues around your house make it more vulnerable to a termite infestation. Some types of termites need to have moisture-rich soil nearby in order to survive. The level of moisture in the soil under and around your house can be impacted by drainage and leaks. If the downspouts on your gutters are not functioning properly it could mean that water is not being properly drained away from the house. If you have a leaky pipe or air conditioning unit near the house it can cause moisture to build up in the soil. Dealing with these issues will allow the soil to return to a proper moisture level and make your home less attractive to termites.   

Store firewood away from your house

Storing firewood near your house can lead to a termite infestation. Termites can infest the wood that you have stored for fires. When you store that wood up against the house the termites can move on to the wood of your home. In order to protect your home from this transfer of termites it is important to properly store firewood. The ideal situation is to store it off of the ground and away from the house.

Get a professional termite inspection

Getting a professional termite inspection is one of the best things you can do to protect your home from termites. An inspection will reveal if there are elements of your home that make it vulnerable to termites. In addition, an inspection will let you know if you have an active infestation or signs of a previous infestation. The results that you receive from the inspection will give you options for protecting your home from the threat of termites going forward.

Set up regular termite treatment

Once you have the results of your termite inspection you can decide what steps to take to protect your home going forward. You can invest in preventative termite treatment to ensure that these pests stay away from your home in the future. Preventative options include baiting systems and spraying termiticide.

It is possible to protect your home from the threat of termites. Keep these pests away by following the steps outlined above. You can get help with every stage of the process from the pros at TAPS Termite. Give us a call today and start protecting your home from termites.

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