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Written by Tim Denner
on December 16, 2021

Termites are a real problem for houses and other properties throughout Los Gatos, CA. These pests can silently eat away at the wood of your property and cause widespread damage before you realize that they are there. There is no way to avoid the fact that termites are active in Los Gatos. Because of this, you must take steps to protect your property from the threat of termites. Protecting your property from termites involves getting a professional termite inspection, investing in effective treatment solutions, and taking steps to prevent termites from returning.

Schedule a professional termite inspection

The first step in effective termite control for your property in Los Gatos, CA is to get a professional termite inspection. An inspection will let you know if you have an active infestation and what type of termites are causing the problem. The inspector will also determine the severity of your infestation. The information that is gained through the inspection will help the termite pro determine what type of treatment your property needs in order to eradicate the pests. The best termite control companies offer a free inspection – there is no need to pay for this service.

Invest in effective treatment solutions

As mentioned above, a professional termite inspection will reveal the type and severity of a termite infestation. The next step is to determine which treatment option is right for your situation. There are a number of effective treatment options available. The pro who inspects your home will be able to recommend the treatment option that is the most appropriate for your situation. It is important to get the most appropriate type of treatment because every situation is different. Your infestation may respond to a one-day, stay-at-home treatment or may need something more involved like structural fumigation. Investing in the right treatment solution now will protect your home going forward and save you money in the long-run by preventing additional damage.

Take steps to prevent termites from returning

Another important part of termite control is taking steps to prevent them from returning. Getting rid of the termites that are currently in your property is the first part of the process. It is just as important to take steps to prevent the termites from coming back. You can get termite control services that are designed to monitor termite activity near your home so you can take action if necessary.

You can find a wide range of termite control solutions in Los Gatos, CA from the pros at TAPS Termite. TAPS Termite can help you every step of the way by offering services like a professional inspection, treatment options that can address any level of infestation, and preventative services so termites do not come back. You can get started on the process of protecting your home by getting in touch with the pros at TAPS Termite today.

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