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Written by Fernando Munoz
on February 22, 2022

All homeowners in Santa Clara County hope to avoid having termite damage to their homes. Termite damage requires termite repairs, which can be costly. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize they have a termite issue until the damage becomes too obvious to ignore. If you are in a place where you have discovered termite damage in your Santa Clara County home, there are a few steps you need to take to restore your home and ensure everything is done correctly.

Start with a termite inspection

A termite inspection is your first step in dealing with the termite damage to your home. It is possible to get termite damage confused with other types of damage – such as wood rot. You need to first confirm that the damage was caused by termite activity before you move forward. The inspection will also reveal if you have an active infestation and the level of the damage to your home. The information you receive from the termite inspection will help you and your inspector determine how to best move forward with repair services.

Deal with the current infestation

Before you spend any time or money on termite damage repair services, you need to address the active infestation in your home. There is no reason to make repairs to your property if there are still termites around that will cause additional damage. There are several options for termite treatment including green solutions, heat treatment, and structural fumigation. The right option for your home will depend on the type and severity of the termite infestation.

Hire a termite damage repair expert

The type of damage termites cause is unique compared to other types of common issues in houses. Termites can hollow out wood and significantly weaken it. There are times when wood may look okay from the outside but be significantly damaged due to termite activity. To the untrained or unexperienced eye, wood that is damaged by termites can go unnoticed. It is essential to hire an expert in termite damage repair to help you with the termite damage at your Santa Clara County home. A termite damage repair expert will be able to spot termite damage and properly repair it.

The pros at TAPS Termite offer termite inspections, treatment, and damage repairs. TAPS Termite is your one-stop-shop for all of your needs in relation to dealing with termites and the issues they cause. The experts at TAPS Termite know how to repair wood that has been damaged by termites. And, the pros at TAPS Termite can help you take the steps necessary to prevent more termite damage in the future. Get in touch with TAPS Termite today to schedule a termite inspection for your Santa Clara County home.

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