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Written by Tim Denner
on August 13, 2019

Owning office buildings can come with a number of unique challenges when it comes to property maintenance. Tenants in the buildings expect you to quickly and effectively deal with any maintenance issues that arise. And, it is important that you do everything possible to avoid disrupting their work environment to carry out those maintenance tasks. One of the most important maintenance tasks that office building owners in San Jose, CA need to stay on top of is termite control. Termite damage can affect the structural integrity of your office buildings. Treatment for a severe infestation can lead to lost time at work for your tenants. The best way to protect your buildings and your relationships with tenants is to be proactive with your termite prevention efforts. You can do this with regular termite inspections from a company that has experience working with commercial clients.

Be proactive

Being proactive in your termite prevention efforts is the best way to prevent the serious consequences that can come from an infestation. One of the most important steps of termite prevention is regular termite inspections. A termite inspection will provide you with valuable information about the condition of your office building. You will find out if you have an active infestation and if there is any resulting damage. In addition, the inspection can help you determine if there are elements about the property that are putting it at risk for a future infestation. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a verbal and/or written report of the results. This information will help you determine how to best move forward and protect your office building from termites.

Leave it to the experts

As an entrepreneur you likely have a ‘do it yourself’ spirit. As a property owner, this spirit may lead you to handle many of the maintenance and repair tasks on your own. The DIY attitude can be beneficial in many aspects of owning office buildings but when it comes to termite inspections you need to leave it to the experts. The damage that termites cause can be catastrophic to your business. Termites activity can be difficult to spot when you do not have the training or experience to recognize the signs. Trying to handle termite inspections on your own can put the success of your business in real jeopardy. Leave this element of property maintenance to the experts. A termite professional has the training, expertise, and tools needed to thoroughly inspect your office building for signs of termites. Ultimately, it will save you both time and money to leave this task up to the experts.

Office buildings are generally much larger than single family residential homes. This means that the scale of damage that termites cause can be much larger as well. The most cost effective way to deal with the threat of termites in one of your San Jose office buildings is to be proactive with your prevention efforts by getting regularly scheduled professional termite inspections.

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