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Written by Tim Denner
on December 09, 2021

The overall success of your restaurant depends on more than the quality of your food and service. You also have to care for the building that houses your restaurant and watch your bottom line. One thing that can put your restaurant in danger is having to shell out thousands of dollars to deal with a termite infestation and repairs. It is not a good financial move to divert a large sum of money to something that does not have a direct impact on bringing in new business. In order to avoid facing a crisis because of termite damage, it is important to follow some basic termite prevention tips for your restaurant.

Keep up with the maintenance of your building

Proper building maintenance can be an important part of your termite prevention plan for your business. Subterranean termites are attracted to places with moisture rich soil. This type of termite needs to remain in close contact with moisture rich soil in order to survive. The soil around your restaurant can build up excess moisture if you get behind on maintenance. For example, a poorly functioning downspout will allow water to pool around your restaurant instead of flowing away properly. Over time, this will lead to a buildup of moisture and make your property more attractive to subterranean termites. Keeping up with the maintenance of your building is an important part of termite prevention for your restaurant.

Get routine termite inspections

A professional termite inspection is an essential part of protecting your restaurant from termites. A professional inspection will let you know if you have an active termite infestation at your property and if there is damage present. The inspection results will help you determine the next step in the process of protecting your restaurant. Termite inspections should be a regular part of your termite protection plan. You can set up regularly scheduled termite inspections so termites do not have a chance to establish a colony at your restaurant.

Set up professional preventative services

In addition to routine termite inspections, you also need to set up professional preventative services for your property. These services may include having a termite pro come and apply termiticide on a schedule and/or having a termite baiting system installed around the perimeter of your property. You can talk to your termite pro to determine which preventative services are right for your restaurant.

Termite prevention for your restaurant is not complicated but it does require you to be proactive. If you take care of your property by keeping up with routine maintenance, get a professional termite inspection regularly, and set up preventative services, your restaurant will have the best possible protection against the threat of termites.
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