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Written by Fernando Munoz
on April 20, 2021

Termites are a common problem for homeowners in San Jose. These pests are present in almost every part of the country and, unfortunately, San Jose is no exception. Any home in San Jose that has wood used in the construction is at risk for termites. If you have noticed signs of termite activity, schedule a termite inspection right away. The inspector will be able to determine definitively whether or not you have an infestation. If you do, there are a number of termite solutions available in San Jose.

Stay at home treatments

Stay at home termite treatment is any type of treatment that does not require you and your family to be away from the house during treatment. These are often considered ‘green solutions’ because they do not involve the use of chemicals that are a danger to people or pets. The stay at home treatment options that are available to you will depend on the type and size of your infestation as well as the company you choose for services. At TAPS Termite, stay at home termite treatment options include orange oil, spot local, microwave, borates, and tree bark derivatives.

Heat Treatment

There are various types of termites that pose a threat to homes. In San Jose, drywood termites are common. Drywood termites can often be eradicated using heat treatment. This type of termite is sensitive to high heat. The pros at TAPS Termite have equipment designed to increase the temperature in your home to a level that will kill off drywood termites. In many cases, the termites can be eliminated in as little as one day using heat treatment. This treatment is effective for killing off termites but it does not provide any residual protection from the pests. If you choose heat treatment, be sure and establish some type of protection plan for the future.

Structural Fumigation (Tent Treatment)

Structural fumigation, or tent treatment, is another termite solution that you can consider for your San Jose home. With this process, your entire home is encapsulated in a specially designed tent. The termite technician releases a gas into the tent that is designed to kill termites. The tent keeps the gas contained so it can permeate every nook and cranny of your home. Termites under your house and in walls will all be reached using structural fumigation. This treatment solution does require quite a bit of preparation from you as well as time away from your home. Because structural fumigation is more invasive than other treatment solutions, it is typically only recommended in situations in which the infestation is severe and/or difficult to treat.

Termite treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. The type of termites you have, the severity of the infestation, and your preferences all impact which treatment option you should choose. You can work with the pros at TAPS Termite to find the right termite solution for your San Jose home.

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