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Written by Tim Denner
on July 29, 2021

Termites can cause serious damage to the structure of your office building, restaurant, storefront, or warehouse. The cost of repairing termite damage can be devastating to your business and take resources away from the areas you need to be focusing on. If you have a termite infestation it is important to get treatment as quickly as possible in order to stop further damage. There are a number of treatment options to choose from if you have termites at your California business. You will need to work with a termite professional to determine which treatment option or combination of options will work best for your business.

Baiting System

A baiting system is not a termite treatment option but can be an important tool for protecting your business from termites. The baiting system includes cylinders that are filled with easily digestible pieces of wood. There are openings in the cylinder that make it easy for termites to get in and out. The baiting system is installed along the perimeter of your business to monitor termite activity in the area. If the termite pro finds that there is a lot of termite activity nearby, it will prompt an inspection and possibly treatment at your business.

Structural fumigation

Structural fumigation is a termite treatment option designed to eradicate the most stubborn infestations. Fumigation involves encapsulating your business in a tent that is specially designed. Once the tent is in place, termiticide is released in the building and is given time to permeate every nook and cranny. The process of fumigation takes several days and will require everyone to stay out of the building. This can be problematic for business owners. However, there are some infestations that are so severe that fumigation is the only option. If your business does need structural fumigation, the good news is that it is an effective treatment option.

Spray treatment

Termiticide is a general term to describe a treatment designed to kill termites. There are several termiticide options that are applied as a spray. Two examples of liquid termiticide include orange oil and tree bark derivatives. These options are both considered eco-friendly and can be applied while you, your employees, and your customers remain in the building.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is an option if your business has an infestation of drywood termites. Drywood termites can get into furniture, wood flooring, walls, and any area of your business made with wood. This treatment option uses high heat to target areas where the drywood termites are active. Heat treatment can be completed in as little as one day in order to minimize the disruption to your business.

Quick action is key to protecting your business from termite damage. If you suspect a termite infestation – or are concerned about the possibility of one – set up a professional termite inspection. The inspector will let you know if you have an infestation and talk to you about the various treatment options that are available.

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