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Written by Fernando Munoz
on March 21, 2019

There are a number of termite treatment options available to property owners in San Jose, CA. If you suspect that you have a termite infestation it is worth your time to become familiar with the treatment options. Understanding the basics of termite treatment will help you better understand the treatment recommendations for your home. All of the options mentioned below are examples of what can be done by a termite professional. The difficulty and complexity of eradicating a termite infestation requires the tools and expertise only found with a professional.

Termiticide-Liquid Pesticide

One option for termite treatment is to use liquid pesticide. Liquid pesticide that is designed to treat for termites is called termiticide. This treatment method can be applied to the soil and create a barrier to protect the home from termite issues. When termites come into contact with soil treated with non-repellant termiticide it is lethal. When termites in a home or other structure return to the soil for moisture they are killed off as well. There are some situations where treatment with termiticide is enough to eradicate a termite infestation. Other situations may require the use of termiticide in conjunction with other treatment options.


Bait stations are a potential treatment option for the types of termites typically found in San Jose, CA. Bait stations are installed below the ground so termites can remain in contact with the moisture rich soil and easily gain access to the bait. Inside of the stations is a material that termites will identify as food. The food-like material in the bait is laced with a lethal substance. In a termite colony, each type of termite has a job. One type gathers the food and then shares it with the other types of termites in the colony, including the queen. The bait is designed to target the termites that will return to the nest and share the poison-laced food with all the others.

Structural Fumigation

In cases of a severe termite infestation, structural fumigation is a treatment option. Structural fumigation is a process where a gas that is lethal to termites is released inside of a sealed off structure. Sealing off the property ensures that the treatment permeates every part of the home and protects people or animals that are nearby from exposure. Sulfuryl Fluoride is a gas used in the structural fumigation of termites. It has the ability to permeate through walls and kill termites in areas that are not visually accessible. You can learn more about structural fumigation and how to prepare your home for this process at tapstermite.com.

The presence of termites in San Jose, CA is an unfortunate fact of life. You can take steps to protect your home from an infestation, but even the most proactive homeowners develop termite problems sometimes. If these destructive pests ever find their way into your home talk to a termite professional about the treatment options mentioned above. These options will provide you with the best chances of quickly eradicating a termite infestation.

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