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Written by Tim Denner
on April 27, 2021

Many homeowners are terrified at the thought of termites because it brings to mind houses covered in tents for treatment. Tenting – or structural fumigation – is an effective strategy for eliminating termites. However, tenting is also an invasive process because it requires you to prep your home, remove various items, and relocate for a few days while the process is completed. Thinking about doing all of those things can feel overwhelming and may even cause some people to avoid reaching out to a termite pro when they need help. The reality is that tenting is a process that is used to treat the most severe termite infestations. It is a valuable option for properties with infestations that have been going on for years. Fortunately, most termite infestations can be treated with less extreme options. Termite treatment options other than tenting include heat treatment, chemical treatment, and green treatment.

Heat treatment

There are many different types of termites that can infest your home. Drywood termites are one of the most common types. These termites do not need to stay in close contact with soil like Subterranean termites do. This means that these termites can move further into your home and feed off of items that Subterranean termites may not be able to reach. An option for treating drywood termites – other than tenting – is heat treatment. This type of termite is sensitive to heat and can be killed by increasing the temperature in your home above a certain level. Heat treatment does not involve any chemicals and can often be completed in one day.

Chemical treatment

Termites can be treated using various chemical treatment options. Tenting uses a chemical termiticide in the form of a gas to kill off termites. Termiticide in liquid form can be used to eradicate termites without the need for a tent. An important element of using chemical treatment is getting it to the areas where termites are active. This can be difficult without proper training so it is much more effective to hire a termite pro if you think chemical treatment is the best option for your termite problem.

Green treatment

If you are concerned about having chemical treatment for termites in your home – for whatever reason – there are green treatment options available. Treatment options such as tree bark derivatives, orange oil, and borates are all natural and can successfully eradicate termites. You and your family can stay home while these treatment options are applied without concern about being exposed to unwanted chemicals.

There are some situations where tenting is the only option for eliminating termites. A high-quality termite professional will only recommend tenting if it is truly your best option. You have several other treatment options available to explore other than tenting. The best way to determine which option is right for you is to schedule a termite inspection and get a professional recommendation.

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